Mill Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) BrightLight: Mill
Vitruvian Man Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) BrightLight: Vitruvian Man
Starry Night Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) BrightLight: Starry Night
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BrightLight Features

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Jeden, wspólny obszar przechowywania dokumentów

    One common area for storing documents

    BrightLight provides a document server where all corporate documentation can be stored, so that everybody in the firm can access it from their computers. You do not need to exchange documents over email or print them for others to read them. BrightLight allows you to simply publish documents on the document server, and make them available to your colleagues. more...

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Zarządzanie wiedzą w praktyce

    Knowledge management in practice

    BrightLight allows you to systematically record and accumulate knowledge in your organization. Whenever a problem is encountered, your employees can add the information, such as the Internet resources, which they used to resolve it. If a similar problem is encountered in the future, others will not need to waste time searching for the solution again.more...

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Zaawansowane wyszukiwanie

    Powerful Search

    BrightLight provides full text document indexing. With BrightLight you can search your documents like you search the Internet. BrightLight even allows you to combine your internal documentation with the Internet resources into unified libraries. With BrightLight you can accumulate and develop knowledge and expertise, and organize them in a useful manner. more...

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Bądź na bieżąco

    Stay updated

    With BrightLight you can easily keep updated. BrightLight enables you to subscribe to various libraries or topics. Whenever a new document is added, an alert is raised for you. You can follow up the progress in a project, read new material related to a topic of interest, or inspect activities of your team.

    BrightLight alerts are displayed on the BrightLight Dashboard.

Don't waste time


  • BrightLight in the University

    December 19, 2010.

    Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University of Economics in Katowice, as one of the first users, uses Brightlight. It uses the system on two levels: to improve communication between employees and to work with students. They are the first university, who noticed the potential in efficient management expertise using this system. The department, with the assistance of Brightlight, operates in the fastest growing information technology fields that build emerging knowledge society.

  • Brightlight now in Greece.

    November 24, 2010

    Greek software companyEPIS based in Athens, was chosen as a distributor of Brightlight in Greece and Cyprus.