Secure Access Document Management (DMS) Secure Access
Knowledge Management Document Management (DMS) Knowledge Management
Increased Productivity Document Management (DMS) Increased Productivity

Benefits of BrightLight

  • Document Management (DMS) Availability


    Make sure that whoever needs a document will have access to it when they need it. Do not waste time on emailing documents or printing them to distribute them to your coworkers. With BrightLight you will make critical documentation available to everybody who needs it and is authorized to use it. And you will make it available in the very moment they need it.more...

  • Document Management (DMS) Performance


    Accumulate knowledge and reuse it. Never again lose time searching for what your coworkers have found in the past. Accumulate knowledge and reuse it. Allow everybody to contribute what they know, and allow everybody in the firm to benefit from the experience of others. more...

  • Document Management (DMS) Disaster recovery, Document Recovery

    Document Recovery

    Never lose critical documentation again. Do not risk losing critical documentation kept on individual computers. With BrightLight you can store documentation on a document server that can be regularly backed up. BrightLight ensures that you will be able to quickly recover from every hardware disaster.

Don't waste time


  • BrightLight in the University

    Dec, 19 2010.

    Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University of Economics in Katowice, as one of the first users, uses Brightlight. It uses the system in two levels: to improve communication between employees and to work with students. They are the first university, who noticed the potential in efficient management expertise using this system. The department, with the assistance of Brightlight, operates in the fastest growing information technology fields that build emerging knowledge society.

  • Brightlight now in Greece

    Nov. 24, 2010.

    Greek software company EPIS based in Athens, was chosen as a distributor Brightlight in Greece and Cyprus.