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Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) ROI

Return on investment

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Zwrot inwestycji

    What contributes in the return on investment?

    The return on investment in Brightlight comes from several factors:

    1. Higher efficiency due to the accessibility and organization of the critical documentation,
    2. Improved productivity resulting from the reuse of knowledge,
    3. Time saving resulting from the elimination of search duplication
    4. Increased effectiveness of the tea mwork ,
    5. Innovation based on the extension of the accumulated knowledge.
  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Krzywa uczenia

    The learning curve

    However, the effects of BrightLight are not immediate. Its effectiveness depends partly on the amount of content stored in it. Therefore, you must take into account the adoption time required to accumulate a critical mass of content.more...

  • Zarządzania dokumentami (DMS) Zasada “90-9-1”

    The principle of "90-9-1"

    The duration of the adoption period depends on the number of users. Due to the “90-9-1” rule, a larger number of users feed BrightLight faster with useful information, and thus shorten the adoption period. The “90-9-1” rule was formulated by the usability guru Jakob Nielsen and it states that 90% of users are content consumers only, 9% contribute content, but only to a certain extent, and only 1% of users contribute most of content (see:principle of "90-9-1"). While the exacte percentage may vary from case to case, the overall logic holds in numerous usability studies. more...

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  • BrightLight in the University

    Dec, 19 2010.

    Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University of Economics in Katowice, as one of the first users, uses Brightlight. It uses the system in two levels: to improve communication between employees and to work with students. They are the first university, who noticed the potential in efficient management expertise using this system. The department, with the assistance of Brightlight, operates in the fastest growing information technology fields that build emerging knowledge society.

  • Brightlight now in Greece

    Nov. 24, 2010.

    Greek software company EPIS based in Athens, was chosen as a distributor Brightlight in Greece and Cyprus.