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R&D: Careers
Motherboard Installation

Within the research activities of the company the following publications came up:

  • Tatsiopoulos, C., Boutsinas, B.: "On Exchanging Ontologies". International Journal of Information Engineering (IJIE). Vol. 2, No1, 2012, pp.38-47. 

  • Tatsiopoulos Christos, PhD dissertation. View

  • Tatsiopoulos, C., Boutsinas, B.: "Automatic knowledge exchanging between tourists via mobile devices". Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology. Vol. 1, No2, 2012, pp.163-173. 

  • Tatsiopoulos, C., Boutsinas, B.: "Ontology Mapping based on association rule mining".International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Development, Madeira, Portugal, 6-8 October 2009.

  • Christos Tatsiopoulos, Aphrodite Ktena.: "A Smart ZIGBEE Based Wireless Sensor Meter".16th International Workshop IWSSIP?09 on Systems, Signals & Processing, 18-20 June 2009, Chalkida, Greece.

  • Tatsiopoulos, C., Boutsinas, B.: "Ontology Mapping based on association rule mining". 11th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Milan Italy, May 2009.

  • Christos Tatsiopoulos, Dr. George Vardagalos, Panagiotis Gouvas: "Designing and Implementing an E-government Architecture that ensures Quality of Service and Legitimacy", ITA 2005: Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA 05), Wrexham, North East Wales, UK, 7-9 September 2005. 

  • Gal, A. Segev, C. Tatsiopoulos, K. Sidiropoulos, and P. Georgiades: "Agent Oriented Data Integration". Seventh International Bi-conference Workshop on Agent-Oriented Information Systems (AOIS-2005), pp. 98-108. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer 2005. 

  • C. Tatsiopoulos, Dr. G. Vardangalos: "A distributed and multilingual search system for exploring large image databases", in the proceedings of IADIS 2003: IADIS International Conference- WWW/Internet 2003, Algarve, Portugal, 5-8 November 2003. 

  • C. Tatsiopouos, Dr. G. Vardangalos, D. Alexandrou: "Establishing a health community knowledge management system", IASTED AI 2003: 21st IASTED International Multi-Conference - APPLIED INFORMATICS - AI 2003, February 10-13, 2003 Innsbruck, Austria, pp. 1215-1220. 

  • M. Vlachos, G. Vardangalos, C. Tatsiopoulos: " Effective ways for querying images by content over the internet", Melecon '2000, 10th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, May 29-31 2000, Cyprus,Vol. I, pp. 337-340. 

  • "ML-IMAGES - A Multilingual Searching System for Exploring Large Image Databases with integrated e-commerce functionalities".

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